Here at Blitz Tampa we specialize in a wide range of sales and marketing components. Clients nowadays are asking for more than just digital and social media platforms. They need teams that excel in business development that can take their brands and marketing programs and help them expand and compete in different territories. Enabling them to acquire new demographics and target audiences that other companies have loyal to them.

our platform

Unique, excited and passionate goals are all parts of our overall vision  at Blitz Tampa. Direct and interpersonal campaigns are emerging as a life line for major billion dollar brands across the united states. Our platform is similar to the New England Patriots offensive playbook, we’re looking for the right personnel to secure the dynasty.

We specialize in finding fortune 500 companies that suit our growth and marketing needs. The most important factor for us will always be longevity, we see numerous companies with a splash of momentum pertaining to a trend, but for how long? Which is why we created a business model that fits the bottom-line of any growth eager company.

why we rock

The foundation of our company is brand management, promotion, social media, business development and advertisement. Individuals who excel in those fields will have ample opportunities to secure managerial positions.


Our award-winning portfolio of Fortune 500 clients are seeing increasing vulnerabilities in keeping their market shares due to the rampant increase in competitors. Thus, they’re expanding their advertisement budgets and the ROI that we give them is better than the ROI that they get from any other channel. Therefore, the demand of our marketing channels and the diversified components that we provide, have made us front-runners to facilitate their expansion vacancies.

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the team

We believe that all successful companies need a direct marketing infrastructure. A team that can keep the brand fresh and up-beat.

unique experience

We live in a competitive society where the only thing that separates one brand from another is the experience the person takes form the encounter.

let’s be friends

We welcome you to read through our site and get to know the Blitz Tampa culture a little better.

working together

We welcome any potential clients to contact us so we can set up an in-person discussion of your business needs.