Blitz Tampa’s CEO Shares 3 Communication Skills To Advance in Your Career

Blitz Tampa’s CEO Shares 3 Communication Skills To Advance in Your Career

“Many of us are aware of our highest and lowest skill-sets. We’ve acquired these skills through schooling or at work because we had to. Communication is extremely important in the business industry. All we have is words and actions so we make the most of it by utilizing both,” says the CEO of Blitz Tampa. At Blitz Tampa we lay out ground rules and communication techniques for our representatives because we believe these are essential for success. Yes, you may know how to communicate but are you open to bettering your skills or are you stuck in your ways? That’s a type of change in communication as well. “An individual must have a student mentality and be fluent in the world of change. Change happens when bigger things are coming along. At our firm, Blitz Tampa’s representatives have come up with 3 techniques to make sure we get amazing at so that we can take care of our clients and provide them with the best service,” mentions Marques Aiken of Blitz Tampa.




The first rule to communicating better is listening better. “We know it sounds hard to do, because as humans we’re trained to talk. But listening against what we’re saying is kind of difficult. This is why at Blitz Tampa, we take time to listen. We listen to our workers, clients and customers. What motivates them, what are their needs, what do they envision for themselves? All these questions are important for growth,” says the CEO of Blitz Tampa. 


Be Aware of Your Environment 


Your company culture and work place probably has a good amount of diversity, different cultures and individuals. By communicating effectively you can reach out to all different kinds of people.Depending on your skills you can bring in ideas and influence everyone to create a friendly environment. 


Work on Your Public Speaking 


“Public speaking is a type of skill that is important in communication. Research indicates that over 60% of face-to-face interactions are made with body language, eye contact, expression and tone,” says Blitz Tampa. Learning and working on these skills as well seeking help or feedback will you become an excellent communicator which will ensure yourself a good future.